Required documents for issuing The Visa in Egypt

1. Valid Passport

(6 months) and the previous passport if has valid or expired visas to Europe or the USA.

2. Personal Photo

Two recent personal photos 4X6 (USA 5X5) maximum 3 months with the white background for each embassy.

3. Bank Statement

(Original and stamped from the bank) or saving account movements in English.

4. Credit Cards

A copy of the credit cards if any.

5. HR Letter

“To whom it may concern” or a copy of the CR or tax card in English.

6. Electricity Receipt

A copy of the electricity receipt (for retirement cases).

7. University Certificate

For students: School or university certificates or success certificate or university ID (original + copy) in English.

8. Husband Passport

If the wife is traveling alone or with her children, a copy of the husband passport is required.

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